Lasallian Induction course in Malta

A number of Lasallian teachers in Malta have taken part in in induction course to strengthen their understanding of what it means to be Lasallian.
True to our charism, we welcome and support new members of staff at De La Salle and Stella Maris College each year by inviting them to attend a short course after school hours. 
We share the Founder’s story and also give the new staff the opportunity to share and discuss such topics as Lasallian pedagogy, the Five Core Principles and what it means to be Lasallian today. Safeguarding is also a topic that is included.
The aim of this short course is to give staff members their first taste of Lasallian formation, and support them on their journey as Lasallian educators. By keeping the Lasallian narrative alive and deepening our sense of identity we hope to ensure that our Lasallian heritage continues to grow and give a valid and vibrant contribution to education on the island.
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