DLSS-Important Dates

De La Salle College

Senior School

Our Curriculum

The calendar found below provides parents with information about activities and events as well as important dates during the scholastic year. It is important to view the calendar periodically in case of any changes or updates.  

31st October, 2022Mid Term Holiday
1st & 2nd November, 2022Mid-Term Holidays
29 & 30 November, 2022Prize Days
8th December, 2022Public Holiday
9th December, 2022School Holiday
12th December, 2022COPE - No school for Students
13th December, 2022Public Holiday
20th December, 2022End of First Term

5th January, 2023Start of Second Term
5 & 6 January, 2023Parents' Day
24th January, 2023COPE - No school for students
10th Ferburary, 2023Public Holiday
13-17 February, 2023Mid-Yearly Exams
20-21 February, 2023Mid-Term Holidays- Carnival
30th March, 2023Parents' Day
31st March, 2023National Holiday
3rd April, 2023Start of Easter Holidays

17th April, 2023Start of Third Term
1st May, 2023School Holiday
15th May, 2023Start of Summer Time table
7th June, 2023Public Holiday
14th June, 2023Start of Annual exams
26th June, 2023End of Annual exams