Our Team

De La Salle College

Sixth Form

Our Team

The College has over 30 full-time academic teaching staff, and some part-timers all of whom are well-qualified graduates and are specialists in both their fields of study and in sixth form work. Collectively they make a highly professional team, committed to helping students realise their full potential and achieve their goals. Staff are friendly and supportive and are interested in students as individuals so that staff-student relationships in the College are excellent.

Dr John R Portelli

Head of School

Ms Riann Muscat

Assistant Head of School

Mr Hilary Spiteri

Assistant Head of School

Ms Keely Vella

Assistant Head of School

Teaching Staff

Name & SurnameDepartment
Mr Mark AquilinaMarketing
Mr Chris AttardEng. Drawing & Graphical Comm.
Mr Norbert BorgPhysics
Ms Christianne BriffaEnglish
Ms Elaine Busuttil GiliAccounts
Mr Noel ButtigiegMathematics
Ms Olga CachiaEnglish
Mr Stephen CachiaInformation Technology
Ms Maria CachiaSociology
Mr Joseph CallejaPsychology
Mr Alfred CamilleriMaltese
Ms Rosemarie CamilleriChemistry
Mr Matthew CaruanaMathematics
Mr Kevin CasaruPhysical Education
Ms Dorianne CassarBiology/Guidance
Mr Ben ChetcutiChemistry/SoK
Ms Tania ChircopGerman
Mr Reuben EllulMathematics
Mr Adrian FenechChemistry
Ms Josette GaleaEnglish
Ms Michelle GambinItalian
Dr Louis GrechPhilosophy/SoK/PAL
Mr Andre GrechPhysics
Mr Jeffrey MagroEconomics
Mr Peter MagroArt
Ms Graziella Magro AlessandroReligion/PAL
Mr Jeffrey MalliaHistory/SoK
Ms Melanie MegawerSoK
Ms Diane MicallefBiology/SoK
Ms Christine MuscatFrench
Ms Riann MuscatMathematics
Mr Konrad PirottaBiology
Dr John R. PortelliEnglish
Ms Angele PuleBiology/Environmental Science/SoK
Ms Caroline RodoEnglish/PAL
Dr Patrick SammutItalian/Maltese
Mr Duncan SantPhilosophy
Ms Claire SciberrasComputing
Mr Hilary SpiteriArt
Ms Alison StivalaAccounts
Dr Ray ZammitPhysics

Non-Teaching Staff

Name & SurnameRole
Ms Victoria MicallefSecretary
Ms Kylie FenechNurse
Ms Erica MalliaLab Technician
Mr Ramon MalliaLab Technician
Mr Colin CamilleriLab Technician