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Our Policies

Stella Maris Junior School has a number of policies written to help in the smooth running of the school.  These policies need to be followed by all stakeholders for the school to function effectively and efficiently.

Parents send their sons to our school because they trust the school and believe that their son is learning in a safe environment. 

An overview of these policies is listed below.  Policies address the practical implications of how to achieve the school’s vision and are a key means of ensuring that agreed values underpin the daily decisions in the school.

If parents or guardians have any queries, they are to discuss the matter directly with the members of the Senior Leadership Team.

Stella Maris College Junior School

Our Policies

The admissions arrangements are regulated by the Secretriat for Catholic Education.  Any vacant places that arise during the years go through a non-ballot process policy.

Our school aims to ensure that all personal data about staff, pupils, parents, visitors and other individuals is collected, stored and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

When it comes to Health and Safety, the school’s prime objective is to achieve and maintain a high standard of health, safety and welfare throughout the school and its activities.

During these difficult times, the school ensured consistency in the way the school operated when it had to revert to remote learning. Teaching and Learning implementation was ongoing, providing all students with purposeful, exciting and balanced curriculum.

Stella Maris Junior School is a healthy school and promotes healthy eating to the students to make informed food choices to be lifelong healthy eaters.

Stella Maris College Junior School

Our Policies

Assessment is an integral part of daily teaching that lies at the heart of promoting student’s learning and progress.  The school adopts a day to day in school formative assessments, in school summative assessments.

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential if students are to take full advantage of schooling, which will equip them for life.

The school’s behaviour policy is designed to support the way in which all members of the school can work together in a supportive way, hence making our school a caring community.

Our school is committed to give all the students every opportunity to achieve the highest of standards.  Every student’s varied life experiences and needs are taken into consideration.  The achievement, attitude and well-being of every students matters, and inclusion is the responsibility of every educator within the school community.