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About Our School

Stella Maris College was founded by the Brothers of the Christian Schools – De La Salle Brothers.  The Lasallian Educators at Stella Maris Junior School base their teaching and model the Gospel of Jesus Christ Faith in the Presence of God. Educators follow the five core principles of Lasallian Education –

Presence of God,

Concern for the Poor and Social Justice,

Respect for All Persons,

Quality Education,

Inclusive Community.

The Senior school family is comprised of around 500 students and 75 staff members. Students enter the senior school in grade 7, when they are usually 11 years old and leave in Grade 11. During these five years, we at Stella Maris do our utmost to fulfil their formative journey from an educational, creative and spiritual dimension. Each year represents a milestone in their growth towards becoming responsible and altruistic adults, prepared to face their future, whichever path they choose to follow.       


Our Values

A Lasallian school is a Christian school in the Catholic sense and is organised around the principles and values of De La Salle. This means that each student is respected as a unique person, encouraged to grow in a community among educators, administrator and peers that are people of faith and zeal.

Our Boys are encouraged to show solidarity and altruism with those in need and be responsible citizens. While learning different subjects is an important aspect of every learner's daily life, no real growth can be achieved unless the individual grows to be tolerant, respectful and loyal to the college values. 



The Chapel

The chapel represents the spiritual heart of the College. It is used both as a place of worship during the weekly eucharistic celebrations and as a place of meditation and prayer. As a school, we are aware of the importance of silence and reflection in a world that is often hectic and mentally tiring.

The chapel is also a place for confession and reconciliation. Our spiritual directors are present to support the boys in their spiritual journey and offer their help to the families that make up the Stella Maris College community.  


Our Grounds

The upper grounds are home to recreational periods during the day, yearly sports activities and occasional school events during the year. During the day they are used for physical education lessons and they host a variety of different sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, rounders, athletics, long-jump, high-jump and handball. They also include a chess area for those students who prefer the more strategic type of sport. 



The Science Laboratories

There are 5 laboratories in the senior school dedicated to general science, biology, chemistry and physics (2 labs). The laboratories are equipped to cater for the needs of the different science subjects according to their curricula. For students who have chosen the science options or those intending to do so, the laboratories are their work stations, a place to do their practicals, experiment and observe the cause and effect of different forces, energies, elements and natural occurrences. 


The IT Laboratories

The senior school has three IT labs dedicated to ICT C3, Vocational IT and Computing. Two of the labs house a full class while the third lab is used for option classes (usually half a class). This lab is used for vocational IT and is also provisioned with the tools and equipment necessary to dismantle and rebuild a computer system. The labs are also equipped with a set of robots which are used when introducing the concepts of programming with learners.

Apart from the three IT-related subjects, the IT labs are often used by other subjects when integrating the use of digital resources in their curricula, during break for clubs and when students wish to conduct research on the internet.



The Technology Laboratories

While the technology labs are used for subjects such as design & technology and vocational engineering, they are also the place where school projects requiring specialised tools and equipment are constructed. These include accomplishments such as the soapbox car, the festive spinning wheel, the pirate ship carnival float and many more.

Boys who are creative with their hands and practical also have the opportunity to engage in clubs and projects during breaktime. There are two technology workshops and an engineering one that cater for woodwork, metalwork, circuitry and model-work.


The Library

The senior school library contains thousands of books aimed at the needs and preferences of the boys attending the College. The library is divided into different sections: English Junior Fiction, English Intermediate Fiction, Maltese Junior Fiction, Maltese Intermediate Fiction, English and Maltese, Foreign Languages Books, Adult Fiction, Information Books, Reference Books, Melitensia, Dictionaries, Atlases , Textbooks, Teacher's Resources, Graphic Novels, CDs and DVDs.

The library also contains board-games, jigsaw puzzles and several computers that can be used for research and projectwork. Students are free to visit the library during break or if they are allowed to go during the day. The boys are also .encouraged to join the book club that is organised every year. Other activities which take place in colalboration with the library include talks with different authors, cinema day, treasure and scavenger hunts, different competitions and book fairs. Every year the library staff are on the lookout for helpers who can lend a hand with these diverse activities. The library also accomodates a planetarium that gives learners the opportunity to understand some of the marvels of outer space.


The Art Room

Art at Stella Maris is a core subject in grades 7 and 8 and can be studied as an optional subject and ordinary level examination. Learners practice different art techniques as they learn about important artistic figures and movements along the years. This helps them put into perspective the choice of material and style that famous artists have used in the creation of their works of art. Students following the MATSEC program are often introduced to local artists and encouraged to take part in competitions to express their artistic talent.