Our Team

De La Salle College

Junior School

Our Team

De La Salle Junior School is led by Headmaster Mr Nicholai Mifsud and his Senior Leadership Team made up of five Assistant Heads: Mr Mario Ellul, Ms Glorianne Agius, Ms Sarah Mallia, Ms Caroline Grech Mallia and Ms Dorianna Delia Parnis and an Inclusive Coordinator Mr Kenneth Borg. Together with a teaching staff of seventy educators, they welcome all students entrusted to their care and endeavour to make their stay at school a happy one during which they learn and practice Christian and Lasallian values and start their journey as life-long learners on a sound footing. 

The Junior School educators appreciate working together and strive to build a community of professionals always improving and innovating for the wellbeing of all their students. The Junior School educators give individual attention and care to the students in their care while strive to build a good rapport with parents and guardians too.

Mr Nicholai


Head of School

Mr Mario Ellul

Assistant Head of School

Ms Sarah Mallia

Assistant Head of School

Mr Kenneth Borg

Learning Support Coordinator

Ms Doriana Delia Parnis

Assistant Head of School

Ms Caroline Grech


Assistant Head of School

Ms Glorianne Agius

Assistant Head of School

Teaching Staff

Name & SurnameRole
Ms Aime Borg DucaTeacher
Ms Alexia CaruanaTeacher
Ms Alishia Xuereb JonesTeacher
Ms Beverley CaruanaTeacher
Ms Christine AbelTeacher
Ms Claire MizziTeacher
Ms Claire VellaTeacher
Ms Claudine SuleimanTeacher
Mr Daniel BuhagiarTeacher
Ms Darine Portelli MaddenTeacher
Ms Dorothy BusuttilTeacher
Ms Elaine PawleyTeacher
Ms Elizabeth ChetcutiTeacher
Ms Ethel CauchiTeacher
Mr Eugenio MalliaTeacher
Ms Glorianne BorgTeacher
Ms Jeanette GrimaTeacher
Ms Kathleen CastaldiTeacher
Ms Kurtsten FarrugiaTeacher
Ms Lorraine PaceTeacher
Ms Louisann CallejaTeacher
Mro Raymond SciberrasTeacher
Ms Marannie DemarcoTeacher
Ms Maria CalafatoTeacher
Ms Marie Claire WilliamsTeacher
Ms Marlene CamilleriGuidance Teacher
Mr Marvin VellaTeacher
Mr Matthew CassarTeacher
Ms Nadine DemicoliTeacher
Ms Pamela CohenTeacher
Ms Rita AzzopardiTeacher
Ms Roberta AzzopardiTeacher
Ms Roberta LicariTeacher
Ms Rossana RizzoTeacher
Ms Sharyn BaldacchinoTeacher
Ms Stephanie EllulTeacher
Ms Svetlana FenechTeacher
Ms Tania CrausTeacher
Ms Victoria Marie SegunaTeacher
Ms Abigail AzzopardiLSE
Ms Agnes BorgLSE
Ms Analise AbelaLSE
Ms Anna MerciecaLSE
Ms Annalise Muscat BugejaLSE
Ms Bernice BusuttilLSE
Ms Cheryl CamilleriLSE
Ms Christine ScerriLSE
Ms Daniela BorgLSE
Ms Deborah CassarLSE
Ms Denise Desira DelceppoLSE
Ms Francette AgiusLSE
Ms Georgiana PiscopoLSE
Ms Graziella Zammit CostanzoLSE
Ms Janette BorgLSE
Ms Karen BartoloLSE
Ms Liliana ZammitLSE
Ms Lora DimechLSE
Ms Louise DebonoLSE
Ms Lucienne MagriLSE
Ms Marthese MangionLSE
Ms Maryrose MizziLSE
Ms Melissa DebonoLSE
Ms Marouskha BezzinaLSE
Ms Moira AttardLSE
Ms Nastassia Portelli CohenLSE
Ms Nathalie FarrugiaLSE
Ms Rita VellaLSE
Ms Rodianne SpiteriLSE
Ms Sabrina FenechLSE
Ms Sandra VellaLSE
Mr Sean AquilinaLSE
Ms Stephanie CallejaLSE
Ms Stephanie MagriLSE
Ms Stephanie VellaLSE

Non-Teaching Staff

Name & SurnameRole
Ms Christina FerriggiSecretary
Ms Loraine FarrugiaAdministration
Ms Carmen GrixtiClerk
Ms Catherine EnriquezReceptionist
Ms Christine PaceReceptionist Assistant
Ms Kylie FenechNurse
Mr Silvan FarrugiaPrinting Clerk
Mr Silvan VellaWebsite Admin / Clerk
Mr Darren CordinaIT Technician
Mr Adrian GaleaTechnician
Mr Emanuel LiaMaintenance Supervisor
Mr Angelo BalzanHandyman
Mr Charlie BusuttilHandyman
Mr Anthony CamilleriHandyman
Mr John CassarHandyman
Mr Reden MerciecaHandyman
Mr Johnathan BalzanGardener
Mr John CiantarSecurity Guard
Ms Mary SalibaDomestics Supervisor
Ms Abigali DimechDomestic
Ms Annalise BugejaDomestic
Ms Audin Vassallo JeffriesDomestic
Ms Charlene JeffriesDomestic
Ms Claire CassarDomestic
Ms Clare SpiteriDomestic
Ms Claudia MuscatDomestic
Ms Dorian Frendo CiantarDomestic
Ms Josianne AttardDomestic
Ms Liliana VellaDomestic
Ms Maria PaceDomestic
Ms Mary Anne AgiusDomestic
Ms Mildred PaceDomestic
Ms Mirabelle CassarDomestic
Ms Rita MifsudDomestic
Ms Ruth ZammitDomestic
Ms Stella BorgDomestic
Ms Stephanie MicallefDomestic
Ms Sylvianne ZammitDomestic
Ms Veronica GrechDomestic