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Senior School

Our Curriculum

At Stella Maris College, students follow an eighth-lesson timetable with a short mid-morning break separating the first three periods from the following sessions. Students also benefit from a staggered break system, starting with grades 7 and 8 in the sixth period and grades 9,10 and 11 in the seventh. This allows all grades to take advantage of the space available to relax, walk around or participate in organised sports.

School starts at 7:55 and ends at 14:15 with most sessions being 40 minutes long.


Our Curriculum

Grade 7 & Grade 8

In their first years in the senior school, students follow a varied timetable that provides a balance between curriculum needs, creativity and spiritual reflection. Subjects in grade 7 include Mathematics, English (language and literature), Maltese, Religious Education, Science, Environmental studies, a foreign language of their choice (French/Italian/German/Spanish), PSCD, Design and technology, Physical Education and ICT C3.

Students also benefit from a combined Art, Music and Drama program, a games and fitness program called 'On the Move' and a weekly Eucharistic celebration to complete their holistic formation. In grade 8, they also take part in a Productions program that encourages them to take part in school plays and activities.

Towards the end of grade 8, students get to choose two options which they will follow until the sit for their MATSEC ordinary level examinations.


Our Curriculum

Option subjects

Towards the end of grade 8, students get to choose two options. Stella Maris College offers a wide range of subjects to choose from which include:

  • Chemistry and/or Biology.
  • Accounts and/or Economics
  • The vocational subjects: Engineering and/or Hospitality and/or IT
  • Art
  • Design & Technology
  • Computing
  • Graphical Communication
  • Physical Education

Stella Maris College also offers the Achieve program.


Our Curriculum

Grades 9, 10 and 11

In the 9th grade, students start focusing on the three years ahead that will lead them to their MATSEC ordinary-level examinations. Their curriculum is geared towards the core subjects and options they had chosen at the end of grade 8. The number of lessons over these three years will remain the same. Students will follow:

  • The core subjects: Mathematics, English Language and English Literature, Physics, Religious Studies, Environmental Studies, ICT C3 and Physical Education.
  • One foreign language (chosen in grade 7).
  • 2 option subjects.

Students also have a weekly Eucharistic celebration or spirituality session.