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About Our School

Welcome to St Benild School.  

Welcome to St Benild School. St Benild is a small church school forming part of Stella Maris College.  St Benild is found in Sliema, hosting around 144 students in Grade 1 and Grade 2 and around 23 educators give their service.  After finishing Grade 2, the students will automatically move to Stella Maris Junior School located in Gzira.  St Benild and Stella Maris were founded by the Brothers of the Christian Schools – De La Salle Brothers.

The Lasallian Educators at St Benild base their teaching and model the Gospel of Jesus Christ Faith in the Presence of God. Educators follow the five core principles of Lasallian Education –

  • Presence of God,
  • Concern for the Poor and Social Justice,
  • Respect for All Persons,
  • Quality Education,
  • Inclusive Community.

Our Values

A Lasallian school is a Christian Catholic school and is organised around the principles and values of De La Salle. This means that each student is respected as a unique person, encouraged to grow in a community among educators, education leaders, and peers that are people of faith and zeal.  Our Ethos is very important to Lasallian Community at Stella Maris and we believe it makes us unique. We try to nurture outstanding ambassadors for the younger generation and worthy contributors to the island.

Our Ethos is very important to us and we believe it makes us unique. The young men we nurture are outstanding ambassadors for the younger generation and invaluable contributors to the local community.

Our students are encouraged to show solidarity and altruism with those in need and be responsible citizens. While learning different subjects is an important aspect of every learner's daily life, no real growth can be achieved unless the individual grows to be tolerant, respectful and loyal to the college values. 


Grade 1 Playground

The perfect space for the youngest pupils to vent off their energy during breaktime. Equipped with basketball rings, as well as hopscotch, number grid, and alphabet snake painted on safe floor mat.

The ground is used for PE lessons with Grade 1s and organised outdoor activities by the class teachers.  Organised games are held for special celebrations.



Grade 2 Turf Pitch

The highest open space available! The eldest pupils in this school and their educators enjoy a breath-taking view of all Sliema and Valletta, whilst enjoying some fresh air.

The Sacro Cuor Dome prominently and majestically stands right across this pitch.

The pitch is used for PE lessons with Grade 2s and organised outdoor activities by the class teachers.  Organised games are held for special celebrations.


Art Room

This spacious, colourful room is fully equipped with all the materials the pupils might need so as to complete any piece of creative work.

Students attend Art Lessons in small groups every forthnight.  


ICT Room

So as to ensure that every pupil has his own device to work on throughout the ICT lesson, this room is equipped with fourteen computers. Computer lessons are carried out in small groups (mainly half a class) every forthnight.


Prayer Room

This is our Oasis of Peace -  A prayer room dedicated to the late Bro Louis Camilleri f.s.c.

This Prayer Room is used daily by students who enjoy visiting the Holy Eucharist before the official beginning of the school day.

It is also used by class teachers during particular Religion lessons.  Moreover, it is a special room used by guest speakers who organise Lenten Activities.


Discovery Room

A room which offers the perfect opportunity for our little scientists and inventors to explore the world.

The students attend science lessons in small groups every forthnight.  This gives them the opportunity to experience science through hands on activities.


Reception Area

This welcoming school entrance immediately gives one a sense of being at home! Featured on one of the walls is our 'Who is Who?' section which presents all our dedicated members of staff, forming part of our Lasallian Family.