Mellieħa Retreat Centre


Mellieħa Pastoral Centre

The Mellieha Pastoral Centre is a welcoming place for young people and adults, where they can take time to reflect on their lives, with Christ as their Guide and St John Baptist de La Salle as their inspiration.

The beautiful location with delightful sea views is ideal for one day or residential retreats and Live-Ins. Students from Stella Maris College and De La Salle College have, throughout the years, gone there to spend time together and deepen their understanding of their Lasallian identity. The Centre provided the space and opportunity to identify what really matters to them and encounter God.


Mellieħa Pastoral Centre


The Trust of the Brothers of the Christian Schools—De La Salle Brothers—would like to ensure that all visitors at the centre are completely safe during their stay  at the Pastoral Centre.  If during your stay you have any concerns about your needs or welfare, or those of any other person there, don’t hesitate to speak to :

We are here to help at any time.

Ms Mariella Vella

Safeguarding Officer

LaSalle Pastoral Centre Mellieha

Mr Sammy Borg

House Manager

LaSalle Pastoral Centre Mellieha