Stella Maris College

St Benild School

Our Curriculum

The curriculum followed at St Benild school is based on the National Minimum Curriculum and the Learning Outcomes Framework as put forward by MFED. This determines the mode of teaching, the class interaction and assessment.

As a Lasallian school, importance is giving to teaching the young students daily prayers and the importance of stopping and give praise to the Lord for all the good things that happened throughout the day.  The students are encouraged to practice the Five Core Principles in their daily lives.  Weekly mass, Pe, Creative Arts, Art, ICT and Science help the students to fill their potential in a holistic way.  St Benild School believes in the importance of bilingualism and the students are fluent in both English and Maltese. 

The weighting of the various areas of study is planned according to the learners’ level of development, age and concentration span. Interesting and curriculum-related educational excursions also enhance our programme. The programme is part of a dynamic and ongoing process, continuously planned, monitored and evaluated, aiming at effectiveness and validity. Formative, ongoing assessments are carried out in class through several observations and tasks. Three reports for every child, clearly stating all the learning objectives for the above areas are published throughout the year. These reports are thoroughly discussed with parents who are our partners throughout all the steps of the teaching and learning process.

St Benild School

Our Curriculum

Grade 1 & 2

The areas of learning include:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Learning 
  • Communication, Language and Literacy (English and Maltese)
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy (Mathematics)
  • Religious Education - The school embraces the Catholic Faith.
  • Social Studies
  • Digital Literacy (I.C.T)
  • Science
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development (Art, Drama and Music)

At St. Benild School, we provide all the core readers, computers and educational apparatus required.

St Benild School

Our Curriculum

Read Write Inc Phonics Programme

The main focus is on teaching children to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension, starting with learning how to form each letter, spell correctly and compose their ideas step by step.  

Students learn all the sounds used in the English language and apply them to the written letters in their reading. They will learn spelling rules, tricky sight words, read many stories and will start to write their own, telling simple narratives. 

All this is achieved through the use of a dynamic whole-school programme entitled ‘Read Write Inc.’. This series has been developed by Ruth Miskin, one of the UK's leading authorities on teaching children to read.

Throughout the Phonics programme (which comes to a close at Stella Maris College in Grade 3), a variety of lively, fully decodable storybooks are tackled. These titles are matched with ‘Get Writing!’ workbooks to develop writing from simple sentences to extensive texts.