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MSSF U16 Football

Eighteen church and independent schools are participating in this year's MSSF U16 Boys Football Competition. De La Salle kicked off the competition on the first day, joining nine other teams that were divided into two groups, with each match lasting just 15 intense minutes.
After securing two victories and one draw, our school team found themselves facing a crucial challenge: they needed to defeat Verdala by a margin of at least five goals to guarantee their place at the top of the group and secure one of the coveted four spots in the Finals. Our boys rose to the occasion and delivered a stunning 6-0 victory.
Adding to the excitement of the day, our team proudly donned their new playing kits, marking the occasion with style and spirit.
DLS vs St. Albert : 2-0
DLS vs St. Elias : 0-0
DLS vs St. Catherine’s : 2-0
DLS vs Verdala: 6-0