R.E.S.U.L.T.S 2.0 (Reaching Every Student’s Unique Learning Teaching Style 2), is our second phase of a three-tier project which started in 2019. Our aim was to empower our educators with new teaching methodologies, using new platforms which aim to reach our students through their new realities.  We wanted to promote the upskilling of our educators and help them cope with current upcoming digital competencies needed for their job realities.   Furthermore, we wanted to offer our educators an opportunity to attain skills which help them understand their emotional and social wellbeing both in their professional life as well as in their personal life. 

Our aim was for our educators to compare teaching methods and emerging approaches with our colleagues in European schools and introduce new and relevant methodologies at our school. 

To date, we are pleased to have sent 42 teachers on various courses around Europe all of whom have defined it as an excellent experience.  Thanks to these courses, these educators have acquired various skills and knowledge which they have shared with our students during their formal and informal education at school, with their colleagues at school and through numerous planned sessions for teachers and parents both online and physical.  This process has enriched our LaSallian community with fresher educational techniques and knowledge.