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Space Club 2022


Space Club 2022

A number of Grade 7 and Grade 8 boys were kept busy this summer working their way through different challenges related to space in its various forms. The Space Club took place once a week between July and September 2022. The idea of the club was to encourage students to explore different facets of space through activities such as robotics, coding, painting, designing and music. The themes of the club were organised as follows:

Robotics – Discovery of Exoplanets through robotic colour coding and movement.

Coding – Design and coding of a digital game on the theme of space, including forces such as gravity.

Blog – Documentation of anything students find interesting related to space exploration.

Painting – Choosing a planet/exoplanet and painting a representation on wood.

Music – Composing a space theme using music editing applications and free music sources.

Boardgames – Designing a board game around a space theme.

Comics & Cartoons – Creating a cartoon or comic strip related to an aspect of space or famous space explorers.

Quiz – Familiarising oneself with a timeline of space exploration through an online quiz/activity.





While students were engrossed exploring themes related to space, they were also busy researching, problem-solving and being innovative in groups or individually, important tools that are intrinsic in a STEM approach. The use of technology always grabs the attention of students, especially when they are introduced to new technologies or different ways how technology can be applied. In a non-formal setting, boys had no time limits and deadlines, and so felt more at ease trialling, finding errors and trying different solutions. Since variety is indeed the spice of life, the introduction of sessions that were hands-on but not necessarily tech related, such as painting, was also introduced.

Perhaps one of the most effective outcomes of the club was the fact that being a voluntary pursuit, most of the students attended every time and took a lot of interest in the activities, creating artefacts and sharing them with each other.