SMCSB Important Dates

Stella Maris College

St Benild School

Important Dates

Second Term

6 th January, 2022Start of Easter Term
7 th January, 2022Online Assembly - Epiphany - The Three Kings visit all classes.
17 th January, 2022Mobile Dental Clinic Visit Grade 2 Students
19 th January, 2022Storytelling Experience - Culture Pass Programme
24 th January, 2022CoPE Professional Development for staff - No School for pupils
26 th January, 2022January Achievement Day
28 th January, 2022Online Assembly - Grade 1 Benjamin - Our School Patron Saint - St. Benild Romançon
29 th January, 2022Feast of St Benild Romançon
4 th February, 2022 Local author visits St Benild School (Ruth Frendo)
8 th February, 2022 Online Parental Meeting Grd 1 between 8.45 - 9.45 - RWI and Levelled Reading
9 th February, 2022 Online Assembly by Grade 1 Bro. Miguel - St. Paul
10 th February, 2022 Public Holiday
11 th February, 2022 School Holiday - No School for Students
23rd February, 2022 February Achievement Day
25 th February, 2022 Online Assembly - Grade 1 Bro Arnold - Carnival; Carnival Activities
28 th February, 2022 Carnival Holidays
1 st March, 2022Carnival Holidays
2 nd March, 2022Ash Wednesday - No school for Students
4 th March, 2022Online Assembly - Lent
18 th March, 2022Class Photo
21 st March, 2022World Down Syndrome Day - Wearing Mismatched Socks
22 nd March, 2022World Water Day
28 th March, 2022Publishing of reports on Klikks
29 th March, 2022Parents' Day for Grade 1 and 2 Parents (Online). No School for Students
30 th March, 2022March Achievement Day
31 st March, 2022Public Holiday
1 st April, 2022World Autism Day - Pupils come to school wearing BLUE
6 th April, 2022Grade 2 Pageant Professional Recording
8 th April, 2022Our Lady of Sorrows - Silence Marathon. Last day of Second Term. School finishes at 10.45 am
25 th April, 2022Start of 3rd Term

First Term

6th September, 2021Opening of St Benild School Office
8th September, 2021Public Holiday
20th September, 2021Orientation Day for New Entrants
21st September, 2021Public Holiday
22nd September, 2021Grade 1 and Grade 2 Parents' meeting
23rd September, 2021Start of Scholastic Year for Staff
24th September, 2021Teachers' Day 2
27th September, 2021Start of Scholas Year for Students
28th September, 2021COPE for Grade 2 Teachers
1st Ocotber, 2022Online Assembly by SLT - Welcome back to school!
5th Ocotber, 2022COPE for Grade 1 Teachers
6th Ocotber, 2022Online Assembly - L-Annimali Madwarna
8th Ocotber, 2022Online Assembly - St Francis: The Patron Saint of Animals
13th Ocotber, 2022Online Assembly - L-Ikel
14th Ocotber, 2022Grade 1 Parents' Meeting - Phonic Reading Scheme
15th Ocotber, 2022Online Assembly by Ms Claudia - Let's Eat what's good for us!
20th Ocotber, 2022Missio Malta Visit School
22nd Ocotber, 2022Assembly - All Saints with an emphasis on Mother Teresa - Grade 2 Miguel
27th Ocotber, 2022October Achievement Day
27th Ocotber, 2022Online Assembly - Aħna ukoll nistgħu nkunu Qaddisin
1st November, 2022Mid-Term Holidays
2nd November, 2022Mid-Term Holidays
3rd November, 2022Mid-Term Holidays
12th November, 2022Assembly - San Martin - Grade 2 Arnold
Filling in the traditional Borza ta' San Martin - Activity in Class
16th November, 2022Grade 2 Parents' Onine Meeting - Maltese Reading Scheme
Online Assembly - St Cecilia - Concert in Class.
22nd November, 2022Feast of St. Cecilia - Online Drum Workshop with Peter Paul Galea of Tribali
24th November, 2022November Achievement Day.
26th November, 2022Assembly - Advent and the Wreath - Grade 2 Benjamin
1st December, 2022Assembly: Naħsbu fl-Oħrajn [SLT]
3rd December, 2022COPE for staff. No school for Students
Pink October Activity for Staff
6th December, 2022Feast of St Nicholas - 2nd Sunday of Advent - Red Day
7th December, 2022Publishing of Reports on Klikks
8th December, 2022Public Holiday
9th December, 2022Parents' Day for Grade 1 and 2 Parents (Online). No School for pupils
10th December, 2022Assembly - Lighting of 3rd Candle - [SLT]
13th December, 2022Public Holiday
17th December, 2022December Achievement Day
Assembly: Jesus is the Reason for the Season
20th December, 2022Recording of Grade 1 Christmas Performance
Christmas Class Celebration
21th December, 2022Lighting of 4th Candle. School day finishes at 11:00 am
22th December, 2022Start of Christmas Holidays