DLSS-Activity May Religion and History outing on the footsteps of Saint Paul

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Religion and History outing on the footsteps of Saint Paul

Religion and History outing on the footsteps of Saint Paul in Mdina and Rabat together with a visit to the Roman house.

We started with a stroll to the fortified old capital city of Malta, Mdina entering from its main gate. We noticed on the back side of the main gate the images of Malta's patron saints: Saint Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles, Saint Publius - Malta's first bishop and Saint Agatha Virgin and Martyr. The Cathedral of Mdina was built after the earthquake which hit Sicily and Malta in 1693. According to tradition, the Cathedral is built where once Saint Publius' palace stood.

We then crossed to Rabat and passed through those narrow streets observing the niches with statues of saints. We paid a visit to Saint Paul's Grotto, catacombs and World War II shelters which are situated beneath Saint Paul's Basilica and the Wignacourt museum.

The Roman house known as the Domus Romana sheds light on the private life and habits of an ancient Roman aristocrat. Very little was recovered of the noble Roman town house (domus) itself, but the intricate mosaics and other artefacts that survived for centuries are testimony enough to the original richness of this dwelling.

Accidentally discovered in 1881, this site and the mosaics within, had the first ever purposely-built structure in the Maltese Islands meant to protect an archaeological site and collection within it.

Most of the Roman artefacts and antiquities, including the few remaining marble pieces scattered in the streets of Mdina, were transferred to the museum, officially opened in 1882.

The museum then continued to serve as a repository for all the Roman artefacts found around the island.

For the Form 1 Blue students, this outing was an adventure and they really enjoyed it!